The discussion over Youth Work and Social Entrepreneurship is gaining force in EU countries even if its a rather new topic at European level. The purpose of BEST GOAL is to focus,address and promote the concept of Social Engagement of Youth. It will involve partners linked by an active background in EU policies and a strong will to promote common topics of strategic importance for their communities. The Project will involve Young Europeans in promoting Social Entrepreneurship, fostering Solidarity at European Level, exchanging know-how and favouring cross-fertilisation of existing projects. Great attention is given in involving young people in disadvantaged situations, to give them an occasion to boost their social inclusion and civic participation and to enhance their knowledge about work and training opportunities at EU level.



-foster Project Partners ability to boost Social Work and Youth Work to fight unemployment and favour social inclusion of disadvantaged youth, in line with the objectives of the EU 2020 Strategy;

-debate Solidarity in times of crisis;

-allow best practices and know-how exchange, favouring cross-fertilisation of projects;

-enhance the knowledge about EU policy-making process and programmes among citizens (young people in particular);

-support policy makers with the gathering of recommendations on Solidarity issues and processes from small communities, to create strategies at local, national, EU level;

-foster EU citizenship and improve civic participation, with particular attention to hard-to-reach groups;

-promote societal engagement and volunteering.



1 Organisational Meeting in each country to gather proposals;

1 Multilateral Meeting to exchange best practices/results.


Cross-fertilisation of social work strategies;